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LIMS: Round 2 Sign Ups

Hi guys! Well, here is the official sign up post. :)
If you are intersted in taking part in the Lady Gaga LIMS (that stands for Last Icon Maker Standing), please join in today!

This is going to be Gaga_Challenge's second LIMS. This stands for Last Icon Maker Standing. The general idea of this is to week by week, there will be a Challenge (just like a normal challenge), except when it comes to voting. Each week, there will be participants eliminated and we will work to see who will be the Last Icon Maker Standing!
Anyone is invited to participate, regardless of skill level. Please read the following rules.

1. This is the Sign Ups for Gaga LIMS: Round 2. If you would like to participate, you must comment to this post. By signing up, you are agreeing to participate in the following contest and all of its challenges until a final winner is found. If you fail to participate in a challenge and do not have any skips left, you will be disqualified. If you will be going away/will not have internet access for a given week and don't have any skips left, let me know, and I will do my best to work something out with you.

2. The first challenge will be posted August 6th 13th, 2010. While the First Challenge is going on, if you are interested in still participating in the LIMS, you still can sign up. Sign ups will close however on August 12th 19th at 11:59pm. If you sign up that day (August 19th), you must submit you icon in order to make the deadline.

3. To ensure that participants do plan to enter challenges, Challenge 1 is a NO SKIP round, meaning, every participant of the LIMS must enter an icon. After, up until the Semi-Finals and Finals, you are allowed to use your skip(s).

4. To gain an extra skip, reply to this post as well with your link to the promotion you made Promoting Gaga_Challenge. If you promote the community in a friends locked post, you can post a screencap. This must be done before the voting for the first challenge goes up. After that, no skips will be rewarded. Remember to post a promotion with the intention of gaining members, which includes voters for challenges. :)

5. Once you've signed up, make sure you add the community to your friends list. You don't want to miss the first challenge!

6. Like most Icon Challenges, your icons cannot be posted ANYWHERE untill voting is complete. After that, you may post your icon anywhere you'd like!

7. To show that you have read these rules, please title the subject of your comment with "And it will be totally awesome!". I know, this is a Very Potter Musical reference.


We will take as many people who are interestred, but at least 15 people would be great. Thank you!

001 Diorbella Skip Used- Challenge 3
Skip Used- Challenge 4
No more skips left
Eliminated- Challenge 5
002 Major_Flan Eliminated- Failed to enter Challenge 1
003 Fuuurs Skip Used- Challenge 3
Eliminated- Challenge 8
004 Phoenixforhire* Eliminated- Challenge 7
005 Fluffstravels Eliminated- Challenge 5
006 Kawaii_chicken Skip Used- Challenge 4
Skip Used- Challenge 5
No more skips left
007 Paranoidrobocop Skip Used- Challenge 4
008 Magickalfaery Skip Use- Challenge 5
No more skips left
Eliminated- Challenge 7-Failed to enter.
009 Piperhollyalway* Eliminated- Challenge 1
010 Flashily* Eliminated- Challenge 3
011 Orlysgirl4ev Eliminated- Challenge 1
Comeback Challenge Winner
Eliminated- Challenge 7-Failed to enter.
012 twilight2shadow Eliminated- Challenge 2

*means you have a extra skip (everyone gets at least 1)

Thank you and cannot wait to get it all started up again!!!

Rules & Inspired Wording borrowed from lotr_lims
Tags: lims, round 2, sign ups

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